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Monday, March 12, 2007

paradigm shift in loyalty

Loyalty towards one another especially to superiors, friends and also others around has taken a paradigm shift due to the abundant availability of opportunities around for fulfilling ones needs.
To explain it simply e.g employees used to be loyal to their employers lifelong as their fundamental monetary / social requirements are met by the employer and also in the past the security and opportunity for these two requirements if one want from the present employer are limited or not available.
With the present economic boom the availability of opportunities have increased and the present day employees are MORE LOYAL TOWARDS ONE'S NEEDS AND REQUIREMENTS rather than towards THAT OF THE EMPLOYER.
If one analyzes situation that exists in various level one can see such shift has occurring in every situation between parents and children, friends, relatives..etc.
This is occurring in Indian society off late and has already occurred in western and far eastern societies and has brought in detrimental effects in social infrastructure and in relationships.
This is reality of life in a market driven economy which needs to be made aware of to all and scholars and all concerned to take appropriate measures to prevent the difficulties being felt in other societies.


Anonymous said...

That was an interesting write up pal..True to the last dime!

Anonymous said...

Loyalty is a 2 way street.
Thanks to competition, a company can no longer underpay its workers.
If someone leaves if their are better opportunities available, why are they always blamed for being disloyal?
What about the company that refused to pay them what they were worth?
Maybe Indian companies need to star treating their workers better and not view them as cheap labour that is easily replaced. That is the only paradigm shift that is required.